Friday, March 26, 2010


Some people are passionate about science, some about fashion, others about art, and others about making your mood drowning into the deep sea of madness ”

Hay Folks! How your mood today? Is it good or bad?

I’m in a good mood rite now. But I don’t know why, I just remember the day that I had such a BAD mood.

Well, just in case you need my tips LOL-ing

I was about searching something in front of my computer and looking for something that I need. Then my cell-phone was rigging. It was my old friend calling. He had something to tell me about one event, and he want to join him too.

I said that I had something to do on that day. Much more better if he asked me weeks ago.

Then you know what’s going on? He was mad at me. He said that I’m selfish! He said that I can’t understand his feeling. It’s like, oh my God what are you talking about? Is that a sin that I couldn’t accompany you? WTF

Other day, a friend of mine calls me B-I-T-C-H at my back. You know why? Because she thought that I chase her boyfriend. Oh damn, it’s like hellooooo… who are you and who your boyfriend is? Fyi, I’ve been a good friend with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is my best buddy since junior high school, and I know him before he was in-relationship with her! I couldn’t help but realize that I’m in the boiling point!

No, I’m not finish yet. The other day when I had English mid test, my friend was asking me some answer (cheating). And then I told him my answer, but then I said that I’m not really sure about my answer. Much more better if he asked others too (the more answer, the more option). Minutes later, he poked my back and said, “ly, I thought the answer is not B but D” then I replied, “I told you that I don’t know. I was unsure about my answer. Ask others to make your self sure”

Then you know what he was said? He said, “I thought that you’re smart, I thought you’re good in this. You already pass the final test at LIA, so why you couldn’t answer this one?”

I WAS SO MAD AT THAT TIME! Hey, what’s happened if I already graduated at LIA? Is that really matter with my answer? I told you that I was unsure! Oh gee, Rrrgh… he thinks that he’s the big boss who can snap his stapler in anyone face? Call me immature, but I do wanna bite you dude!

Okay, if you ever in this kind of situation I’m sure that you must be in a very bad mood all day long. Me too darling!

So what should I do?

Well, some says to calm down, keep your head above the water and don’t show up your emotion. Some says to act as cool as possible. But if you were I, could you do those things? Oh, don’t be so naive I know that you want to spit on their face sincerely

But roll down your sleeves darling; because you’re just too respectable to punch this kind of mood killer!

First tips from me, calm down and take a deep breath. Breath in-breath out. Inhale-exhale. Make your self comfort than try to make friend with this mood killer. I mean, don’t punch them darling LOL. Patience is the key. This way will make you as the peacemaker and put you on the top of the game.

Then if they still burn you up, you have to take the next step. Be prepared darling, because you’re gonna have some kind of unspeakable war. What’s that? It’s a kind of war, in which way you just have to speak to them as long as needed. Make them realize that they need you. Make them realize that you’re mad at them.

So, here they go the last step!! If they keep killing your mood, one thing for sure you have to IGNORE THEM! What-so-ever they did to you; what-so-ever they say about you, you just have to ignore them!

In brief, don’t be aggressive. Instead of being angry back, just pity them. Use your power of confidence to ignore them, and try my second tips- use the unspeakable war trick! Once you could look unmistakably powerful and patience you’re the winner dear.

So, remember to calm down and don’t throw around accusation. Surely you can stand up for your self.

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