Thursday, March 25, 2010


"...because maturity never comes too young"

yes, maturity. what is the definition if maturity?
no, we're not talking about biology stuff. we're talking about maturity and age.
is 16 already mature? or 18? or mid 20?
can you get it? me? no I don't
as long as I know, mature means that you're able to choose whether good or bad for you. you know and can solve the problem by your self, and you also know how to depend on your self correctly.
from the explanation above, if I have to classify a person into maturity level there are 3 levels of maturity

the immature person
this kind of person is like a baby. they pretend like they don't have any problem. they pretend like everything is okay. because they don't know the world. they live for every hour has passed.
they just come up with problem, and they don't know how to solve it.
they're confuse to find a solution on their own problem.

the midmature person
this kind of person is like a adolescent or some kind of teenager. they have problem, and mostly they pretend like they know how to solve it. In fact? they're nothing but a shit. they pretend to like something, in fact they like nothing but a mess. and they pretend everything is okay, in fact? while the world still spinning nothing is allrite. people had problem, and they had to cope with that.
this kind of midmature person, they just live for today. they don't even thinking about what they want to be in the next day. because they think everything is there for them.

the mature person
this kind of person is a fully-grown-up person. They had problem and they solve it. they know how to cope with their problem. they know with whom they supposed to talk about their problem. THEY ARE TOTALLY KNOW ABOUT THEIR OWN SELF AND THEIR PROBLEM ALSO. they live and life for today and tomorrow

if you're asking me, "ully, which level are you in?"
I'll be proudly answer, " I'm in the second level dear"
yes, I'm in the second level. but, I'm trying my best to upgrade my level! so I could catch the third level ASAP.
what about you?
may you all have the third level of maturity

honeylovebabe signout,

Bonita xoxo


Anonymous said...

nice post!

honestly, I hate being mature.
I like being childish and immature.
I have my own way. kinda selfish? yes.

yohana said...

naah you're the first level. hahahah.

Ully bonita said...

thankies yoh, but I guess, I'm the second level darla lol