Thursday, March 25, 2010

I waste 56 minutes

"I waste 56 minutes today, by crying under my blanket"

11.00 am

I turn off my cell phone.
I need someone to depend.
I know this is just too late, I know the time past
I know, it's just too late. that is my regret.

11.15 am
I open my window, the wind blow my mind
the sky so blue, with humid weather.
I need blanket, it's cool in here

11.30 am
okay, now I'm alone here. doing nothing but shit
I'm sick of being tired..
I'm sick of this situation
I need fresh air, I need something amusing

11.35 am
I'm crying under my blanket

11.56 am
I'm thinking --> am I to exaggerating?
I do ? oh gee, what-so-ever..
I'm crying just for a while, then I smile and everything gonna be okay

Cheer up my self and handle this day!!

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