Friday, March 26, 2010

Not Okay


Okay, before I go too far. I bring you some best offer.

Much more better if you go away and try to read something else in my blog.

Because, what you’re gonna read in the next paragraph is just my madness and sorrow.


(breath in- breath out)

well, you still wanna read? Ah whatever

Yesterday, I’m totally mad! I do totally speechless! Oh God damn, how could I believe in such a kind of PLAYBOY? Oh gee, I’m stupid, so stupid, too na├»ve, too immature and once again I’m too dumb!

How do I depend and respect in him? Okay, I know he’s not my boyfriend. But, he act like, so care to me! Act like a guardian angle, but actually he’s nothing but a SHIT! Ah bullshit with all of your sweet words, bullshit of things that you do for me. This time, you tear me up again. Gee, I want to cry. Aaaaaaaaaaaa….

How many times you got me in this situation? More than 3rd times dude!

I do wanna hate you, I do wanna punch you, I do wanna spit right in your face!

But, I can’t because you’re nobody to me. You’re just my friend.

Ah dear, he talk to somebody else and totally ignore me! He doesn’t ask me, about how I get home, about my condition! And it’s because you already with other?

I don’t need you to take me home-because my brother is pick me up. I don’t need you to hold my hand or something-because we’re friend rite?

Heloooo, if you’re truly my friend instead of ever-being-crush with me, at least you call my name and asking my condition!

Did you? oh ya, I know that you’re too busy because you’re trying to make her smile and laugh anytime as much as possible! You’re too busy to send messages to her, in fact she’s just 1 meter far from you. What a shit!

Just prepared if you read my blog dear my FRENEMIES and my ever-being-crush, I do wanna vomit in front off your face. I’m sick of wasting time of thinking about you! I’m sick of being tired! And I’m sick about the SWEET CARENESS you’ve done! Call me too serious, but who cares? I don’t care about you anymore!

GO away, and get far from my face. Thanks and bye.

once again, dear my heat-breaker-boy if you're about to find a new prey do it when you don't have any relationship status with other girl, or do it with ONLY ONE GIRL! don't you dare to make other girl feel so special.

best offered you repent ASAP.

honeylovebabe signout,


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