Wednesday, March 24, 2010


"thousand friends are less, but one enemy is more than enough"

A friend of mine, call her miss D is a very quite and unfriendly person, just if you don’t know her.

Her SMIZE eyes would bite your heart tenderly, because she’ll see you extra sharp and tear up your bravery (am I too exaggerating?). But, then I know that she’s a totally a good person.

A good listener, with a crazy attitude. A good girlfriend but also an emotional person. A religious girl with an open-minded attitude.( dear miss D, you owe me so much for all of this darlaa)

Well, I’m totally wrong about her at once. Yeah, my first impression to her is not as good as my first impression to my mood healer LOL.

To be honest, miss D is actually just an ordinary friend to me before we’re end up as a room mate for 4 days. And each day we’re going insane and intimate. Just imagine the way she told me almost all of her sadness and emotion about her boyfriend, and also her dilemma with someone (censored).

Somehow I feel like she knows me for a whole of my life just like my mood healer did.

Is she my soul-mate? I mean my true friend trough the Frenemies? Yes, I’m still wondering.. .

What about my other friends? Are they just friend? Or they also my true friend? Oh geez, to be honest, I do confuse about this. DILEMA OH DILEMA. How do I cope with this?

For me, a friend means a lot. They give me power and strength to do all my activity; they’re my first driver or tukang ojek, my second home, and my third mom for me. They give me joy, comfort, and support when I need most.

They’re means a lot. What do you think?

My mom said not to thrust people 100%. Thrust them 40 % and give the rest to God.

But I think, my mom could be mistaken about this. Thrusting people for me is giving them, all that I believe, make them thrust me too. That’s why when I said that I thrust someone; I truly give them my thrust.

And, since I was about to have a close friend, I thrust them whole heartedly.

Maybe, it’s just too risky to thrust someone whole heartedly, but I do like that. Yeah even As a result, I ever in trouble of forgetting someone I ever thrust and I was just end up with kind of broken-hearted (curcol- but now I’m totally okay!)

But, In this kind of cosmocity with all the cosmomisery, finding a soul mate, true friend, spouse, girlfriend-boyfriend is like digging in the gold mine. It’ll take almost all of your passion and patience, skill and care to filter tons of black sand and find out your tiny piece of gold. Principally if you’re about to find a friend, find it with heart and don’t you ever deal with your ego. Because EGO is actually the true frenemies for you and for your supposed-to-be-friend

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP ALL, may you have a genuine friend.

*hugs and kisses*

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