Thursday, March 25, 2010

The art of differences

"Are we an innocent adolescent or simply addicted to sweet illusion of the world?"

Maybe I’m a kind of melancholic person, or some kind of a girl who loves to shares my heart to other, at least to a close friend. A friend of mine said that I’m a “drama queen” girl.

Okay fyi, I’m not a drama queen. I'm just a kind of person who can’t keep my problem by my self, and I need somebody to help me out or give me some suggestion,even sometimes it’s a bad suggestion and I wouldn’t do it.

But still, whatever I said about my self, my friend still said that I’m a kind of a drama queen or something. Once again, no I’m not! Is that a huge mistake to tell somebody about your problem? Is that a sin that your best buddy know about things that made you cry? You decide dude…

Girls will be girls and boys still boys. Girl usually thinks with their heart, in the other hand Boys thinks logically.

When boys said something extra sweet just like the sweetest peach in the lime tea, girls believe it-and when girls said that they believe in, they really mean it.

In other hand, boys will simply fall in lust just if they saw a pretty creature with mini skirt and white transparent shirt- for those boys who read this; you have to confess that you ever did this before. Lol-ing

Yes, girls will simply fall in love when they find out a charm boys with extraordinary way of listening and giving them advice. But boys will simply fall in lust (or also love?) when they find out girls with extraordinary way of make up, with the endorse of mini dress or something.

In this case, I just want to say that girls sometimes make a holy-sin by thrusting their ears, and boys sometimes get into trouble by only thrusting their eyes when seeing sweet creatures, like sexy girls or something.

From my explanation above, I just want to say that everybody has weaknesses. Maybe my kind of melancholic stuff is my weakness. But I’m sure all you, yes you! The cosmopolitan person, you have your own weakness.

Yes, weaknesses are also a kind of differences. Naturally, while our country is struggling with urbanization problems, overpopulation, lack of jobs, sickening traffic jam, never-ending battle between politic party, terrible pollution and worse fashion, people and society likes to judge people by the differences they made and things they have done. But so what? In this world we’re living with differences. You and I, we’re totally different! But we live in rite? When the world still spinning, flower still blooming, and farmer still cultivate the harvest, people will always talking. There always be friend and foe, hated or love it.

Once again everybody is different, but as strange as it sound, some people often refuse it.

Are we an innocent adolescent or simply addicted to sweet illusion of the world?

Well, let’s people talks about what-so-ever they want. Let they think and gossiping about what-so-ever they need. Society is a place for us to stand up for our own differences. No need to worry about differences.

In brief, dare to be different to not a crime! Dare to speak what you want is your human rights! Coco channel once said, “To be irreplaceable one supposed to be different”. May we all be irreplaceable in our way of different.

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