Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I need a refrigerator time capsule

Have you ever pass the day when you want it to be freeze? I do.

Hmm, let’s see, there a lot of memorable things happened for at least 1 year. Count it down darlaa..

First, is the day when I met bassist. Do I have to tell you about this? Well, I do really care for bassist, but then he left me with nothing but a “in-a-relationship” status. count in it also happen because of me-yes, that's my mistakes, but how could he left me without any permission? well, whatever it is, I wish him the best.

Second, is the day when I cut my hair really short until all of my friends said that I am crazy. Maybe yes I do. I do insane about this thing. Anyway, this is my father suggestion to cut my long hair until this short.

Third, is the day of ISPO. Whoaaa, I do really want to freeze this time! I wish I could. Don’t you know that I had such a good quality and leisure time with my new friend from other City? They’re really nice and to good to be true.

Fourth, is the day when I spend my night with my best room mate ever!! She is Deisy F.H. the craziest girl I ever met. My first impression to her is bad. Because she’s looking like a quite person and not-really-friendly. But anyway then I find out that all of my first impression is totally a mistakes!

She’s a nice person, and a good listener also!We had such a intimate time together as a room mate.

Fifth, is the day when I had a really bad mood at ISPO. I still remember the date. If I’m not mistaken, it was 3rd march 2010. I feel so moody and I just don’t like that day. But hopefully TADAAAAA JENG JENG… here they come the savior of my day!!! Yeps, he’s my mood healer. Thanks a bunch my mood healer.

Well, that’s 5 of my thousand day that I want to be freeze.

Honeylovebabe signout!


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