Saturday, April 03, 2010

Do you Believe in True Love ?

“Because when you love someone until its pain, there no more pain, just more love”

It was late nite when a friend of mine suddenly calls me. Somewhere between insomnia, typical restless of modern citizen and bothered by the sound of my brother euphoria at banging his drums unnecessary at 1 bloody and cloudy am.

Her voice so heavy seems like she’s been crying for so long.

I don’t say any word to her.

But I know exactly what’s going on with her, I swear with my self in the name of my red jimmy choo, if this happened because of her boyfriend (which is also my buddy) I’ll get and punch him rite in his face.

And as what I thought, she was crying for so long because she was just broke up with her boyfriend.

Yes, it’s happened about a month ago. But a week later after the late-nite-bloody-caller, she calls me again, and now her voice seems so happy. You know what’s going on?


Yes, it’s a way back into love

I’ve found so many people with this kind of CLBK things.

They broke up and then bring me surprising news that they’re a couple (again).

When I we had a reunion and telling our stories, a friend of mine told her story just as same as my friend before. She broke up then get back again just a week after she broke up. She said that, both of them (she and her boyfriend) found out that they’re inseparable- yes; they stick for each other whatever they do.

My friend- just call her Geogrey suddenly said,

“Why you need to be broke up then back again, to find out that you’re both inseparable?”

Well, I do think like what geogrey said. While my other friend having some chit-chat, I use my brain hardly and try to find out the answer. After a few hours of thinking and brain storming just like a professor, then I tell Geogrey my opinion.

“Geogrey, I do think like what you said before. But then, I realize within the heart for whom you love is the happiest place where you could return to. Even two different river have their own way they gonna meet in the sea someday. No matter how long you broke up or how long you in the long-distance relationship, if you both really love each other, you’ll stick with each other”

I believe in true love and soulmate. I believe that starstrukk problem and all of its stuff is in God hand.

Maybe, you think that I’m to naïve to believe such that soulmate stuff. But hey ya, wait I got the true story of true love.

My mom and dad, for example. My mom meets my daddy when she worked as a nurse in one hospital in Jakarta. And she meet him, my daddy was the mad patient she ever seen before.

But, my mom marrying my dad when he already had the handicapped.

My mom is the nurse who take care of my father after he had the operation surgery.

When I know this story, I was just like OH MY GOD, how mighty are You dear God.

How could my mom marrying someone with handicapped?

If I were her, I think one hundred times before.

I don’t know what’s going on with my mom brain, but she’s so good to be true as a girlfriend in those past days and as a wife right now.

No, I’m not ashamed with my father condition. Instead of being ashamed, I’m proud to be his daughter.

Well, I just want to share you my story.

Maybe for those people who doesn’t believe in true love, gonna change their mind rite after read this.

In brief, true love is does exist. You just have to believe in your heart, thrust in your self and love your boyfriend or girlfriend rite now wholeheartedly. Even you’re hurt because of your couple; just love them if you still care for them. Because Mother Theresa once said, “when you love someone until its pain there no more pain, just more love”

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