Friday, April 10, 2009

(unbearable things, such a nice things I ever feel. yeaah!)

Hi people!

Hiii, I miss you so much! Wow, I t such a nice things, that I can write this again. 
How’s your day? Good? Hope so.
H-O-L-I-D-A-Y! Yeah! I really like it! It seems like I smell the scent of 50000 flowers beside me. LOL. 
Talking about h
oliday, I remember my last holiday with my lovely classmates. Hhe, they’re really funny, makes me laugh all the times trough the bad situation also. They are Eka, Rahma-Rahmi (yes, they are twin), Oma EE, Bayu, Bang John, and Faddel. 
We’re go to KOTA TUA. Actually we want some fresh air, consider that we’re just finish our “FREAKIN MID TEST” well, actually the A plan is we go there by TRANS JAKARTA BUS. But then my friend said, “ let’s go by train” ok, that’s a good things to say, but not in fact.

I’ll tell you, when the train comes, me and Eka, are left! On the other hand, other already jump into the FAST train (fastest then Shinkansen) . that’s why I supposed to take the other train.

Other funny story. When we’re already in Kota Tua, my friend Oma EE, she’s forget to buy the rent of “sepeda kumbang”! huahha.. OH MG! people looking at us! How embarrassing it is?!it’s so unbearable! 

That’s my story, sorry, I know, there so many grammatical errors, ok, it’s human errors.. 
honeylovebabe sign out, 

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