Sunday, June 07, 2009

gombal whatever..


hi guys, nice to be here. catch up my status today :
felling : blue
song : First love-Utada Hikaru

well, since 2-3 months I never go blogging, I really miss you all guys!
okay, my day isn't that bad actually. but, to be honest I really broken hearted, by irresponsible person. He took over my felling m and without any permission he left me. God. Damn.Damn

Angry? yes I am, but I know who my self really are. So, I make it all fine..
I never wanna make him as a part of my day anymore, just left him behind my back, and I DON'T WANNA LOOK OVER HIM ANYMORE

I never get mad, with anybody (except my brother) and so with this guy..
but, I just want to tell this guy, "I'm not get mad, or something else I just wanna make you understand how it feels, when you'll be a CADANGAN ( SUBSTITUTE) , we're still friend, and THAT'S ALL! thankiies for every little things you've done to me."

so, the moral of my story is : If you get close with a boy, just make him as a friend

I'm sign out honeybunnylove



truetaleswhatever said...

yuck that freakin guy still bug you? if no well, good for him GET OUT OF YOUR LIFEEE!! hahaha

Ully said...

he massed up all my day!
and now it's my turn to dump him. lol
actually me and his girlf already know each other.. well, I just wanna re range my day.. what do you thing dannny?