Friday, January 30, 2009

my duo banana

“I love banana, I love banana!”-freak enough hah? Looks like Ireally loves banana. But those words we’re not belong to me, but belong to my two lovely cousin. 
Just a couple days ago, when I came to my grandma house, I’ve brought some banana, I just put it in the table, and I left it. When I came back (just a split second) you know what happened?

I just wondering, where those banana hiding? Under the table? Unfortunately not! It’s hiding, in my cousin belly! Owwhwhh, unlucky me.. 
Well, I’m not angry or mad with them at all. Just a kind of anxious, why they really love banana? I also loves banana so much, but I’m not that obsessed. 

Still with my duo banana (from this, if I said duo banana, it’s mean my two lovely-freak cousin). Ok, can you just imagine, they’re just 5, and 8 years old. But, they can speak English fluently. Got it? Are you surprise?-hopefully yesss! The first time when my grandma tell so, I don’t really believe her at all, yeahh.. how could the two lovely cousin who just 5 and 8 years old, can speak English fluently? I mean, mybe, just a bit of new vocab that they got it at school, or Disney channel, or even Ben 10 cartoon. Until I heard it by my own ears! You know, I’m still young! I have a good hearing right! 
And, I’m just asking my self, can I spoke English as fluent as what they do?
Yeahh, hope so!

                                                                         Honeylovebabe, sign out


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truetaleswhatever said...

i just bought a banana. i'll bring one in tuesday :D
i think you speak english fluent enough.. and if you camo to class every single session, i know that you'll be as fluent as your duo banana :D