Thursday, June 03, 2010


I'm stuck.

yeah I'm stuck. well, I prefer to call it stuck then suffering.
stuck with what? with whom? with whose? where? when?
I'm stuck with my activity. I'm exhausted!! oh please, I just want to go out for a while then refreshing my mind.
dear my Dad, I do like majoring in science, but since I found out that I'm a loser at physic, then I got stressed easily.
dear Mom, sorry for making you always mass up with my physic score. I do learn it wholeheartedly, I do, I always do. BUT? SEE? I'M GOOD AT BEING A LOSER.
Mom, sorry really sorry to say I never ever make you happy or proud because of me.
well, it's not a good failure through. but please mom, believe me once again
I still want to make you and dad proud of me.
I'll prove my self to be a vet.

and please God, let me make my parents proud of me

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