Monday, April 12, 2010


My friend is a very good person, she’s really pretty with indo-deutch ascent, and that’s why boys couldn’t stop buzzing their love near her. Ya, sometimes I feel like I want to be like her.

Boys come over her even she didn’t ask for it. Well, yeah I do jealous.

I feel like, Oh gee… I want to be pretty too!!!

But, anyway what-so-ever it is, I still the way I am. I’m pretty sure people love me because I’m ully! Am I mistaken?

But anyway, being single is not that bad too. I love being single.

Since bassist left me for unreasonable reason, I’m not ready yet to start a new one. Not yet I mean. It’s just too fast.

Then, other problem appeared. I’m still single, but then I’m falling with not-single-anymore boy.

Bitch? Third person? What else? Named it…

Well, prefer to call it the third person.

I hate being the third person in somebody’s love story. I want my own!

In my life, I’m the main character in the novel. The main character supposed to be the one who had the pretty bitch problem, but in the end I could solve it pretty good!

But now see? In my novel the main character is the one who supposed to be pity of.

Even I say I want my own love story, I couldn’t make it. Pity me? I don’t need your pity.

Well ya, may be it’s the time to help my self out from the love atmosphere, and search for other atmosphere.

Sometimes all you need is to take step outside, clear your head and remind yourself of whom you’re and where you wanna be.

So, darling lets take the moral story; if you’re broken hearted, all you need is not something new, but someone new.

If you couldn’t find someone new, please don’t be the third person in other people relationship, or you’ve got is just people's pity.

bonita signout, xoxo

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