Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Blaming the time

“Happiness, pain, hurt, with those love stuff … everyone has change to take each position at sometime”

“Why I love a person who not supposed to be loved?”

I was a bit surprise when my friend sends me a message like that.

No thunder, no rain, no fire, no smoke. Suddenly she text me like that.

I don’t know what I supposed to say, just wondering what’s going on with my friend, and then I read my Sunday Jakarta Post again.

About a hour latter my friend text me again

“Am I a sinner if I fall in love with an in-relationship boy?”

Oh my God, oh gee… Now I’m totally panic and if you could see my face-it was turn into red and blushing because I feel like, it’s just like what I feel!

Now I stop reading my Jakarta Post and while thinking about the answer I call my friend.

I asked her what’s going on.

Well, as you all can guess, she’s in love with a wrong guy.And she was burst into tears as well.

It’s normal I ought. Yeah, when you’re hurt and try to forget how the pain feels. You begin it with tears and it’s ended with smile on your face (I wish)

Then as soon as she calm down, she’s telling me all the things. Honestly, I just say “hmm, yes, hmm, then. Oh I see… then” no hurt feeling my dear. Because I know sometimes when somebody’s crying they don’t need your quotes, they just need that you’re notice what they feel.

Well, in this case, none of them (my friend and the in-relationship boy) are wrong.

I can’t blame my friend. But I also can’t blame on the in-relation boy, who seems like giving her much expectancy. The thing I could blame is TIME.

I guess, it’s only about timing it self.

Because love is something we can not create. It’s like an energy which we can’t predict when it comes. It also can not be created by human being and can not destroy by man.

“I trapped in” she said. Then burst into tears again.

“Well yeah you do darl. But try to make your care feeling to him as little as possible on an everyday basis, rather just spending bunch of time thinking about someone who never realize you care to him, or even he never thinking about you”

“aaaa ulbon, I’m an amateur and so immature, it’s too late to change it”

“a a a, no no no. maybe you’re amateur with those love stuff, but wait ya you’re no longer immature. Well, I prefer to call it being young at heart. Because Mature never comes too late”

Dear readers, do you get what my point about?

Love is something sweet and I’m pretty sure you all ever in love with something, somebody, yeah what-so-ever is that

Love can in every time, you’ll never imagine. Love trapped you, and their love buzzing will never leave you, and you’ll get hypnotized!

Ironically, there’s always a balance to this game. There are yin and yang, there are performer and audience, there are liars and victims, and there are always happiness and pain-hurt in love stuff. Everyone has change to take up each position at sometime.

Don’t blame it on your self, take it easy. This time if you just feel like my friend feels…

You’re VISTIMS. Who is the executant?

Let’s go and BLAME ON THE TIME!!!!!

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