Thursday, April 22, 2010

the art of envy

" do you ever feel like you're down with your own envies ? "

hay folks, howdy?

I’m doing good rite now.

Yeah, despite of some my deadline task, I had such a great time with my girls.

Especially with ama-nadya-ari my closest friend, and of course my 4 days roommates Deisy (skip the things about deisy-lol)

Just like other girls we like gossiping, and it’s very human I thought, even I know that it’s a big sin actually.

Back with gossiping it self, we’re mostly talking about other girls in our school. Yeah, sometimes about how many ex/exes they got, how nerd they are, how pretty some of them, and how luck they are to be absolutely listed as “gaul”.

Few days ago, when we’re gossiping about how could some of the “it” girls so pretty, even with or without make up (because they’re good about make up and totally into it)

Ama-nadya-ari and of course I, we’re talking about them. No hurt feeling at all, we just find out that gossiping is totally fun (lol)

But then I’ve just wondering why they could be like that?

They are so beautiful, pretty, charming and good at English. Oh my goodness, I envy them like crazy.

Have you ever feel like what I feel? Oh don’t be so naive dearest reader. E.N.V.Y is something which is really human (just like gossiping).

And I’m suddenly backed into silence as well.

When, my friend said that Ms. A is pretty, deep down in my heart, I want her (my friend) said that I’m pretty too. Yes, I’m absolutely envy. I do. So what?

Well, as time pass by I know that even envy is very human, I could minimize my envies.

I realized that envy is actually just a matter of mind, when our mind is full of negative things, and we’re started to counting the other fellow’s blessings instead of our own.

In case I ever (and often) being in this trouble-envying someone even just my brother- here they go my amateur envies solving problem.

Firstly, as I said before envy is something in common that you feel when you’re mind full of negative things. So, dear readers come out the boundaries and think positive!

Napoleon Hill once said, “no one can make you jealous, angry, vengeful, or greedy, unless you let him”

What are you waiting for? Let get your mind some positive things in common dear

Then, one thing you have to remember, NOBODY IS PERFECT!

Even the prettiest girl in the whole earth has her own limit. Well, sometimes instead of that kind of exterior, their life is not as easy as what we thought.

The prettiest girl in the world maybe ever being in her lowest point.

Or the smartest person in the whole universe ever being stuck with his formulas.

Dear reader, if you can take your eyes off others, and take the scanner within, you’ll find so many bad things happened even for the luckiest one.

Last but not least, you have to remember that everything is come at the rite time. Happiness, sadness, and all the great and worst things in your life are come at the rite time.

In my point of view, I thrust everything is come in reason, even when we’re not wise to see it-just like Oprah Winfrey said.

Dear readers, nowadays if you still keeping up your envies towards others you’ll ends up with no friends.

Once again darling, just believe in your self that your time will come!

For sure it will bring you double happiness!

bonita signout,


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