Wednesday, March 31, 2010

when your eyes speaking

"truth from your eyes"

It was the day when I woke up late to school and my eyes was so SLANTED that day.

Okay, obey the fact that my eyes are already slanted.

No, I’m not Chinese, I’m totally bataknese.

And I don’t know how come I have such this slanted eyes.

Back then. I say hello to my chair mate without any expression at once, because I was so sleepy that day.

You know what she said? She said, “ly, are you mad at me? Am I doing something wrong to you? Why your eyes seems so hate me?”

Oh my Goddess, what’s going on with my eyes and the way I look people?

Am I looking like wanna bite you darlaaa? LOL-ing

Other day, I had a meeting with my friends and juniors. I said nothing because I tried to be a good listener. But you know what my juniors said to me? “Ka ully, your eyes seems like so sharp. The way you look at us, is like a lion seeking for a prey”

WHAT? Oh my dear juniors, I don’t know what’s going on with my eyes…

I wish I could change this eyes.

Oh ya! Remembered about Heart-breaker-boy, he ever said something about my eyes.

He said, I look so attractive because of my eyes. OH MY GOD, it’s like hearing the light strike in the rain! I don’t know it’s just a “lips service” or a true fact- I do astonishing.

Well, actually I’m a friendly person, humble, love to mingle with people and it’s really poles apart with the entire stereotype that people once judge me.

WHAT-SO-EVER people talking about my eyes, I and “the looking for prey eyes” are inseparable. Yes that’s me.

My uncle is a photographer, and his best object is people eyes. You know why?

He said, “Idle hands can became the tool of the devil, the mouth can utter lies, lips sometimes hide a poisoned kiss and the body can ache from extra weight and years but the eyes will always tell the truth”

Yes, your eyes are the most honest part of your body.

You can’t hide your sad eyes after cry. You can’t cover your smize eyes when you hate someone. You can’t emphasize your dynamic happy eyes when you’re in love.

Well, one last word from me honey…

If you want to find someone lie or no, look them in their eyes.

Because, eyes will always tell you the truth.

honeylovebabe signout,

bonita xoxo

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