Wednesday, March 31, 2010

other dimension between friends and lovers

"which one do you prefer? friends or lovers?"

Heya folks! How are you dude? *high five*

Me? Hmm, so-so. I had such a hard time at school with those task and teacher. But still, I love school (minus tasks and teachers) LOL-ing.

Yeps, school weeks has back and it takes my time a LOT. My head so full and I do STRESS.

Anyway, talking about school I remember my school mates which I miss them effin crazy during the final exam holiday. We’re making such a good time together by sharing our problem and off course LOVE LIFE!

Well, love life is also a part of teenager life isn’t it? LOL-ing

First, we’re talking about Ms. N love life which is going not really well.

Actually she’s a good girl and also her boy. BUT, both of them are emotional person. In brief they’re actually love each other, they care for each other and THEY STICK WITH EACH OTHER-whether Ms. N said that she hate her boy sometimes, she still stick with him.

Then, my other friend sharing about her love life. In this case, we had the same problem. We’re in love with someone who is already with other girl. And however I try to forget the pain and feeling it still hard to erase the pain.

We’re still in contact with that boy and we’re a good friend rite now. One thing for sure, we’re tried to hide and obey that feeling rigorously.

So then, my friend asks me a question,

“ulbon, which one do you prefer, between boyfriend and bestiest?”

Then I replied, “darlaa, it such hard problem to choose between boyfriend and bestiest. But in my opinion a good boyfriend is someone who could be you bestiest, and a good bestiest is someone who could be your boyfriend.”

I don’t know why I decide to say those words, but I just think that whoever you choose between boyfriend or bestiest you’ll still need them both.

And the only way to solve that problem is to make both BESTIEST AND BOYFRIEND in one packet. That’s it. End of conversation.

What do you think?

Yeah, that’s just my opinion. If you had any opinion, go ahead share it with me dear *smile*

But then, we found another problem.


Here they go my amateur-solving-problem:

“Friend is friend. Love is love. Even you can’t live without both of them. You have to choose one, darling. But one thing you have to remember, friends can be lovers but lover can’t be friends. A lovers who being your friends, they seems promising at once but after a time pass by the just fade away.”

Somewhere between friends and love there is other dimension named spouse. Yes, if you are dare to choose your spouse in next 10-15 years later, you definitely have both FRIEND AND LOVERS-2 in1- in one person.

So? Which one do you prefer? Friends? Or lovers? You decide honey! I believe you can choose one of them perfectly!

Live your love life honey, cheers and warm hugs from me to you!

honeylovebabe signout,


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