Monday, March 22, 2010

Keep My Self As Busy As I can

That was my twitter status update when I got the national examination holiday.

Well, it’s a holiday for me, but it’s actually a HOLY-DAY for the 12th grader. They had such a fight time to do all the examination in 1 week.

Anyway back to my twitter update. I keep my self busy with those things like house chores, the dishes, my school homework and anything that could get me as busy as possible. Then I watched some DVD, and at the same time also organizing my buffet. Oh geez, my room never been this tidy. All of this was done in such a quite time, and felt better than normal.

Wondering why?

Hmm, let’s see… it’s because I don’t want to think about my mood healer anymore. Because when I remember my mood healer suddenly I just want to text him! And text him, is such a holy-sin for me. Huhuu, I do really miss my mood healer. But what can I do? He wants me to go, and that’s the better way for both of us.

Okay, enough for the mood healer. I really wish him the best, I wish him had a good relationship with his girlfriend, and also live happily ever after just like Cinderella and Prince charming lol.

Back to my

“unusual- holiday -without -any -messages –from-my mood healer “.

Then I sat on here in front of my laptop, doing the usual virtual ritual. Facebook, twitter, YouTube, MySpace. The trees outside my house waving say hallo to me, and swigging my mood. Oh I wish it’s a weekend- because it could be the most perfect weekend I ever had.

Getting all kinds of goose bumps and moods is swing out my mood. I allow my mind to access and absorb as many as possible different colors from the world. Yet my head seemed so clearly and my creativity ran wild on this “unusual- holiday -without -any -messages –from-my mood healer “. I hope this stand for a long time. Yes, I hope and I wish. Huhu, just if I could back to my ISPO days.

For my dear Mood healer, please give me your strength and power to me! Because it’s such a hard time to forget you. This pain just too deep, and if you read this I hope you understand my feeling, and understand how much I hate that I miss and need you.

It was 15.18, I saw my window and the sky is so blue, it’s extremely pretty. The color of the sky was like the sweetest peach juice with lime tea. Great time, great mood, great sky for me. And I hope you also had such those great things for sure.

Ps: dear my mood healer DON’T YOU DARE TO FORGET ME YAA :( and dont you mad at me...

Honeylovebabe signout,


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