Saturday, March 20, 2010

ISPO 2010

2-5 March is such a great time! and, just if I could back to that days...

hay ho FOLKS!

nice to catch you here again, how are you all?
I have a lot of stories to tell, but one thing I wanna tell you is about my ISPO 2010 experience

ISPO is INDONESIAN SCIENCE PROJECT OLYMPIAD it held 2-5 March 2010 in Balai Sarbini-Balai Kartini, Jakarta.
I have a lot of friend there! I also be close to some of my friend whom I don't really know at school, and also be close with my senior and teacher. we have so much fun there..

My project is about Spirulina and my other friend is about Salak Seed. eh, anyway I've just know that Salak in Turkish is mean "STUPID" lol.

4 days is like 1 day, me miss those ISPO days for sure! me miss the day when I talk to those Turkish man explaining my project.
I miss my mood healer, I miss my room mate, I miss my malang,payangkubuh friends! I do likey!

HUAAAAA, I miss it, really for sure!!!!

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