Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hi people!

how are you guys? fine? nice to hear

OK, my day isn't that bad actually. I go to school just for class meeting,
it's about from 7 am until 1 pm (it's wasting so much time, in fact : I do nothing there!)
next.. then I got sms from my friend, whom waiting for me at my JHS. yup, we're planning for some reunion, but it's not goes well.. only few of us coming and join.
after that, we're go to the nearest mall to have some chit-chat , but unfortunately I can't do that things 'cause my father text me ( I supposed to come home earlier)

then, after I got home, my friend
he's giving my note back, and she's just went home about 15 minutes ago before I post this..

hope she's went home safety.. good luck for you beth!

and guys that's all for now, see you on the next post!

i'm signout honeylovebabe


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