Thursday, June 11, 2009


feeling : so so
song : halo - beyonce

nice to see you this night, I can't sleep even though it's already 11 pm. owh, maybe I have that kind of insomnia.

actually I supposed to go to school tomorrow, but fortunately I'm so so so lazy to do that things ( in fact we do nothing, but cheer up other team) well, tomorrow i'm just stay at home, washing all the dishes, clothes.. arggh! B O R E D D A Y

well, I wish tomorrow I can go to my grandma house, then go to church in the evening. but, I supposed to tell my father first- that's the hardest part..ckckck

wish me luck tomorrow guys, I wish I can go to my grandma house, and do ALL THE HOUSE CHORES.

I'm signout honeybabylove,


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