Wednesday, September 01, 2010


hay fellas, howdy?
doing fine? I do. how's your day? your week and your moths going? (too many question-lol)

WELCOME SEPTEMBER!! (ersten achten zweihundretundzhen) bye dearest August!
so, today is the first day of SEPTEMBER.
some says september means happiness. But, I don't even feel the atmosphere of happiness round here :'(
well, what ever it is I really wish the best for my NEW SEPTEMBER

talking about new moth, I really hope A NEW LOVE come and stop by me hhe
I've been single for more than a year and I kinda miss those feeling.
you know, thinking about someone when you're about to sleep. and off course someone's midnight call
whose waking you up for so-not-important-things-like- I -LOVE-YOU hha
but yesssss, I miss those feeling.

dear cupid, please let your love arrow stab into my heart

honeylovebabe, signout

XOXO, bonita

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