Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Keep your mind POSITIVE

"It Can Be Tiring, But Everyday Is Beautiful"

Yesterday is such a tiring day for me. I accompany my mom and dad doing their activities

A WHOLE DAY. Yes, I accompany my dad to National Library because he had a General Lecture or something about human rights. And it’s such a boring and tiring activity.

But anyway, I have to keep my self as busy as possible rite?

I keep my self as busy as possible. Doing this and that, running out and in, turn out and turn in, I do whatever to keep my self busy and of course

keep my mind in positive way.

That’s why I think, it can be tiring, but everyday is beautiful rite?

Believe it or not, after I know “mood healer”, I try to make my mind as positive as I can. Yeah, at least I try to make it in positive way, so I could be more relax to do something lol.

Talking about relaxing, there should be another effective way of relaxing than just at home rite? So I decided to go with my mom, but she bring me with nothing but a simple-predictable-words, “done your house chores, the dishes and the rest of the the laundry”.

Hmm, see? Rrrr.. oh please mom, I just wanna go out for a while. I need fresh air, and I need to forget “the mood healer”.

Then I sat in front off my laptop, and still trying to relaxing, keep my self positive and forget my mood healer. My window open, the sky is totally with great-blue with sunshine through my room.it's blowing my mind. But my creativity just stuck in the Cosmomisery – misery by living in the big city

Oh dear, my mood is like a spice trail and so unpredictable right now

Sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes I feel nothing but flat, and sometimes I feel like I wanna blow up my emotion then cry.

Am I sad? Mad? Or exaggerating? Oh dear, If you were I, you will know how exactly I feel.

Ps : Well, somehow I think like the world still spinning even my mood healer not near me, and the flower still growing even my mood healer is gone. What do you think?

honeylovebabe signout,


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